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Failure To Tell the Truth Can Void Life Insurance Policy

by Christian L Faiella, June, 8th 2015

Life insurance is a critical financial tool for many families in the United States. As a recent Missouri case illustrates, the failure of an insured to give true answers on a life insurance application can result in a loss of the insurance policy when it comes time to collect the life...

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Do You Really Have "Full Coverage"?

by Rex V Gump, June, 5th 2015

During the initial interview of our personal injury clients, after asking all the obvious questions concerning the facts surrounding the injury, we ask the clients about their own automobile coverage. The typical response is "Why do you want to know that, it was the other person's fault?"...

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Tips For Handling Insurance Claims: Storm Damage

by Christian L Faiella, June, 4th 2015

Many Missourians experience devastating losses as a result of severe weather across our state each year. When people have insurance claims, we want to help make sure those claims are handled properly by explaining a few things to take into consideration:
1. Many insurance companies...

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Scottsdale vs. United Fire

by Christian L Faiella, February, 12th 2015

In a decision handed down in December 2014, the Missouri Supreme Court clarified the topic of bad faith claims in Missouri, bringing this state more in line with the growing majority of the country and creating law that helps those who are insured and insurance companies who act in good...

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Advantage vs. Mid-Continent

by Christian L Faiella, February, 8th 2015

An insurance company can be held liable for bad faith even when there is no coverage under the policy.  In September 2014, the Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District upheld a trial court decision stating "[The insurance company] had an unequivocal duty to defend based on its own...

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Chris Faiella Teaching CLE on Bad Faith for West ED

by Amanda L Drew, January, 21st 2015

TGFW Managing Member, Chris Faiella, will present a CLE webcast for West ED tomorrow morning on Prosecuting and Defending the Bath Faith Case A to Z.  Chris is an expert in the field of insurance bad faith and takes particular interest in these types of cases.
If you're...

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by Tatlow, Gump, Faiella & Wheelan, LLC, August, 29th 2014

CAR INSURANCE: Read your automobile insurance policy and check with your insurance agent about appropriate coverage for your college student. Keep proof of insurance coverage in the vehicle. Make sure you and your new college student understand the types of coverage that you have BEFORE...

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2010 Judging the Judges

by Amanda L Drew, June, 20th 2014

Amanda Drew
This November there will be many non-partisan judges asking for Missourians to vote to keep them on the bench. How do you decide who will get your vote?
One resource you may want to consider is Judging the Judges 2010, a website provided by the Missouri...

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Be Prepared for Severe Weather

by Sidney E. Wheelan, June, 2nd 2014

The Severe Weather resources page is just one of the many helpful resources for people available on the Missouri Department of Insurance website. There are instructions on how to make sure you have appropriate insurance coverage, how to file storm damage claims, resources for flood...

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Do I sue Google? Autonomous Cars and Injury Cases

by Tatlow, Gump, Faiella & Wheelan, LLC, May, 20th 2014

Google, one of today's most innovative companies seems to have a never ending line up of great ideas. One of these is its autonomous vehicle which literally drives itself. A story in The Atlantic, reports that the vehicle has never gotten a ticket, but if they do, Google wants its corporate...

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