Missouri Department of Insurance Issues Bulletin on SB 749

September 14, 2012
By Tatlow, Gump, Faiella & Wheelan LLC on September 14, 2012 2:57 PM |

The Missouri Department of Insurance issued a bulletin to every health insurance carrier operating in this state, every health insurance carrier insuring Missouri employees, and every self-insured plan covering Missouri employees. This bulletin is regarding the department's initial steps to implement SB749.

Per Director John M. Huff: "Now that the General Assembly has voted to override Gov. Nixon's veto of SB749, our department is responsible for beginning the implementation of this new law. Under the new law, every employee, self-employed person or any other person in Missouri has the right to decline or refuse coverage for contraception, abortion or sterilization on religious or moral grounds."

"Our department is beginning the process of communicating with all health insurance carriers operating in this state, all health insurance carriers insuring Missouri employees, and all self-insured plans covering Missouri employees. We will continue to communicate with the market throughout the implementation process."

For more information on Missouri Department of Insurance, please visit the website.